Our employees speak the best !

Because people are at the heart of Alstef Group's development, discover the testimonies of our employees.


Maintenance technician, Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport - France
"What I enjoy is what I learn every day. Maintenance is a very broad field. Every day when I'm faced with problems I discover my limitations and I learn."

Laetitia GARCIN

Software Helpdesk, Boigny-sur-Bionne - France

"We are in a group with friendly colleagues who are willing to help us. People who enjoy the conviviality and want to be in a company that has great future prospects can only enjoy coming to Alstef Group."


Systems Specification Engineer, Boigny-sur-Bionne – France
"I recommend Alstef Group because the work environment here is very good, the colleagues are very cooperative and the managers, especially my manager is very flexible and he will train you in every step before you do the actual job."


Group Purchasing Director, Boigny-sur-Bionne – France
"You can do a lot of things at Alstef Group. This group is growing: geographic, business, personality, multi-activity... Finally, if you want to learn, come to Alstef Group !"


Training Center Manager, Mordelles - France
"I would recommend Alstef Group because it is a group that is very innovative, that is very cutting edge both in terms of technology, but also in my field on Human Resources since we work by competency on skills development and we try to be at the top of the HR news to better assist our employees."


Engineer, Lima – Peru
"Alstef Group offers us the opportunity to grow as a professional and to be recognized for what we do and the efforts we put into our work. I really like what I do every day, the diversity of my tasks and learning something new every day."

Isabelle DUVAL

Head of Planning/Export Department, Boigny-sur-Bionne - France
"I'm not going to talk about work, I'm going to talk about passion. What I like most is the exchange with foreign countries, it is the practice of foreign languages, the discovery of different cultures."


Software Engineer, Boigny-sur-Bionne - France
"I applied to Alstef Group after graduation because I really enjoyed the internship I had done there. I was working on very rewarding topics, I had been trusted, and I had the chance to visit many of our customer's facilities."


Communication manager apprentice, Boigny-sur-Bionne - France
"Alstef Group is a company that allows its apprentices and interns to develop in the same way as its other employees. We have responsibilities, we carry projects from start to finish, We are accompanied and we are trusted."


Sales Engineer, Mordelles - France
"I recommend Alstef Group first of all for the technical diversity, but also for the logistic diversity, the IT diversity, the mechanical diversity, etc. There is also the possibility internally to evolve and do many different things within the group."